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20/8/2004Updated the website. No work done on QtTV for....quite a while. Sorry. What can I say.
3/2/2003Still not getting much work done on this project, but I've uploaded the latest source in a tarball marked 0.0.3pre1 since the previous source upload didn't work properly. This version is buggy and may not even compile, but I'll try to get a better version out as soon as I can
3/11/2003As you might have noticed, I've not been too busy on this project recently, I'm back at uni so my resources are concentrated on work for the minute. I'll try to do more work on QtTV when I can
19/08/2003Release 0.0.2 - Various bugfixes and an updated grid view. Although there is plenty yet to do. (download)
18/08/2003OK. I've fixed my machine (replaced the PSU) and so there should be a new release in the next few days..just one or two bugs to work out first.
11/08/2003Unfortunately my computer has melted in the heat (or maybe there's anohter reason why its broken) but anyway, my dev. machine is no longer operational, there may be a while until further releases (hopefully not too long).
5/8/2003Release 0.0.1!!! You can download the QtTV zaurus package or the source
1/8/2003Registered for Sourceforge. Stay tuned for new releases.

Brief intro

This is a TV Guide. It reads from an
XMLTV formatted document to retrieve listings, then allows output sorted by time, per channel or in a grid of time vs channel.
For now, the package requires the XMLTV listings to be in "/root/Documents/tv.xml" if you are installing on the zaurus. Windows or linux compilations allow you to choose a file.
Be aware that this software is slow to load and may be buggy.

See the Sourceforge project page


grid screenshot listings screenshot programme data screenshot

In theory, the source should compile for X11 and Win32, it did for me.

This is the Win32 compilation of the latest release (0.0.2).
windows compile. version 0.0.2


Peter Harris <
geordieboozer [at] users [dot] sourceforge [dot] net>
ICQ: #168646175

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